She only has weeks left to live. What the opposing team does for her during the game is just..


She had been planning to go to college since she was little. But weeks before she was finally starting her new school, she got news that no one should ever have to hear.


She had a deadly brain tumor.

As a final wish, she wanted to at least be able to play a single game of basketball in her college team.

But the coach was concerned if Lauren actually would be able to travel all the way to the city where the game was held.

And you know what happened?

The whole opposing team actually agreed to move the game the game to Lauren’s home court and play the game 2 weeks earlier, just so she could have her final wish come true.


With the arena completely packed, Lauren scores her first goals in the game. And the opposing team’s reaction…

Just remarkable.

Rest in peace Lauren. You will be missed.

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