Man Recreates Heartbreaking Photos With His Daughter After His Wife’s Death

When it comes to remembering the people who you loved with all your heart but due to a wicked twist in time, they are no longer a part of your life. There are a number of lovely ways to remember them. Ben was married to Ali Nunery in 2009. Sadly, their ‘ever after’ didn’t last for too long. Ali was diagnosed with lung cancer and in 2001, she lost the battle against cancer, leaving behind her husband and little daughter. After two years of her death, the family decided to sell the house.

But before leaving the house, they decided to recreate the wedding pictures in the memory of Ali.

Have a look at the heart-wrenching photoshoot.


#1 Having a look!
You will see a series of pictures of Ben and Ali Nunery in 2009 on the left and Olivia and Ben on the right in 2013.


#2 Stepping on the toes.
’I wanted to show people through these photographs that although I had lost my wife, this wasn’t the whole story — this was also a story of love, as well as pain and loss’, says Ben.



#3 Forever in heart.
Ben says, ’Our memory of Ali doesn’t live in this house; it’s in our hearts.’.



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