Mom Noticed Black Dots In Her Baby’s Nose. Little Did She Know A Common Household Item Was To Blame

There are many household items which we take for granted.On the surface, they simply do not seem to pose a safety hazard whatsoever. But, a closer look may reveal something startling. This was the unfortunate case for New Jersey mother Meghan Budden. Scented candles are commonplace. You see them in homes all over. Meghan has some in her home and it was just this past December when she decided to light up a few of them one day while she did some work around the house. No big deal, right? They’d been burning for about six or seven hours as she carried on with her household work and then the day came to a close. But, it was the following day when Meghan noticed something peculiar. Black soot had formed inside her nose. It was soot given off by the candles. Meghan quickly, and alarmingly, turned to her baby boy. Black soot in his nose as well.

While we normally picture that nasty black soot coming out of factories, we never expect it to go off in our homes, and naturally one begins to become alarmed when it does. Well, it turns out that the soot given off by some candles isn’t that dangerous as to cause human harm.

This was still alarming due to her son being so young and the fact that the candle was being used for so long. When used responsibly for short stretches the candles are said to be safe

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