Do Not Touch these 7 Body Parts With Your Bare Hands

If you think that your body is only yours and only you decide how to use it, you should also know that there are body parts that should not be touched by hand.

We all are well informed and know that palms have an enormous role in the transmission of germs. After proper washing, hands and fingers are constantly contaminated by the environment that surrounds you.

If you do not cut your nails regularly, you are increasing the possibility of an increased presence of bacteria, say researchers from the University of Nebraska. These same researches suggest that those who have two mm or longer nails have more germs on the hands.

Maintain regular hand hygiene and keep your hands away from these parts of the body in order to be healthier.


Of course you need your hands in order to wash your face or apply some cream, but in other cases, keep them out of it. When hands are placed in area full of germs and then you touch your face,

you are increasing the risk of getting sick. Fingers contain oils that can close the pores, claims dermatology adviser Adnan Nasir


If you do not use contact lenses, do not touch your eyes with your hands because you can easily insert bacteria in them. The bacteria can cause serious infections.

Do not touch and do not rub your eyes. If you have an itching sensation or you have dry eyes and you are comfortable with contact lenses, visit an eye doctor. He will help you solve the problem.


Latest researches in the UK show that people put their fingers in their mouth on average 23.6 times while bored at work. And when too busy, people put their fingers in their mouth are on average 6.3 times. I

t is a big problem because the bacteria from the hands end up in the mouth. In a certain study it has been reported that from one third to a quarter of bacteria, that respondents have had on their hands, were found in and around their mouth.


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