Call of nature-Some Of The Strangest Frogs On The Planet

The mystery of nature to discover

If you are a rodent it is better not to get too close to the African Bullfrog!

The African bullfrog is a giant amongst the frog family and will eat whatever will fit in it’s mouth which also has very large teeth.

The world proves to be a very strange place indeed… Check out these nature photos of the weirdest frogs and toads on the planet!

The Turtle Frog

This very unusual from Australia is the only one of it’s kind of genus. It resembles a turtle without a shell. There is no tadpole form either, fully formed grog emerge from the eggs.

The Black Rain Frog

This frog is famous for two things, it is known by some as the grumpiest frog because of it’s facial expression but also known and the cutest frog because of the little squeaky noises it makes.


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