A Brief History Of The Middle East Crisis and How To Start A Terror Organization Unintentionally For Dummies.

Once upon a time Iran found out it wasn’t making good money from British Petroleum. They decided to cancel their oil Licences.

It was in 1953, British Petroleum responded by requesting the CIA and British intelligence to intervene. They did, they helped overthrow the democratic government that ruled Iran. They supported a ruthless lunatic called Shah whom in turn allowed them free access to Oil.

Shah had many political enemies because of his dictatorship, members of the opposition were “disappearing” just like that. To remain in power, the Americans gave him Fighter Jets- Those F4 phantoms Iran uses even today, some F5 tigers. They also threw in some F14 tomcats just for fun. With those weapons the Shah stayed in power for quite some time.

Just around 1979, some students who were tired of the US supporting the ruthless dictator in exchange for oil stormed the US Embassy in Tehran during the Iranian Revolution resulting in a 444 day hostage crisis from 1979 to 1981.

There was a power vacuum after the revolution, some guy called Ruhollar something sikumbuki rose to power and became the first Supreme leader of Iran. Iran which was initially secular and democratic turned to a Sharia law country.

Now at this time a guy you have never heard of called Saddam Hussain decided to attack Ira- he saw it as a good time to claim a river and some islands in the Homutz Straight because Iran had just come out of a revolution, America was no longer supplying them with weapons as they were no longer friends after shutting down their embassy + the other super power Russia was busy in Poland and Afghanistan.


After some few years into the war, Iraq was getting her ass kicked seriously by Iran. America got scared of Iran probably winning and installing a leader in Iraq. President Reagan’s first response was to remove Iraq from the list of State Terror Sponsors then Arm them.

America encouraged its allies to support Saddam with money and weapons. Case of interest is when a German Firm- Karl something helped build a chemical weapons plant and also sent in chemicals used to make Mustard gas and the nerve agent Salin. These were meant to help fight off the Iranians. They worked, the war ended with lots of casualties on both sides. It was a stalemate.

Interestingly the UN did condemn the use of Bio and Chemical weapons in the war but unlike Syria last year, the super powers USA, Germany looked away for obvious reasons. Sadam saw this and decided to settle some old problem with the Kurds using the same stuff. It was a genocide again the America looked away because Iraq was technically their ally + America was busy arming the Taliban and some other Mujahedeen to kick out the Russians from Afghanistan. The kicking out Russians thing worked, it left a power vacuum in Afghanistan and chaos because all the Taliban and Mujahedeen wanted to rule themselves.

Now back in Iraq, Saddam felt lonely and bored, he told America (now busy in Afghanistan) that he wanted to go into war with Kuwait over Oil and Territory. America said it wasn’t going to be involved, Saddam took it as a thumbs up and rolled into Kuwait.

At this point you need to understand why America doesn’t want to get involved in the wars- keep them divided amd Rule. Imagine a unified Middle East? I tell you people they would have so much power because of Oil most african countries could never have afforded cars, and there is a good chance all of you would be Muslims. Anyways lets go on.

Before we get back to that, at this point one of the guys leading a group of Mujahedeen in Afghanistan and previously being supported by America in the fight against the soviets travels to Saudi Arabia and tells the King to look at the Kuwait events ‘critically’ that America will never defend Saudi if they are attacked by Iraq. He offers his small Army in exchange for money. The King chases out the fool who flies out back to Afghanistan. His name is Osama,

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