“My Appetite For Young Women Is Caused By A Medical Condition” – Zuma. 


Pretoria – According to online media reports and a voice clip that went viral on social media on Saturday night, a President Zuma like voice was recorded confessing about a serious appetite for young women which is attributed to a medical condition.

In the voice clip the President discussed why he never went to school, how he educated himself, how he handles his wives and the real reason why Ma Ntuli was chased out of Nkandla among other issues.

When asked about why who he balances national duties and family duties, President Zuma responded-
“ It’s not an easy task to do, both jobs requires full attention and you can’t mix the two, South Africa requires unlimited attention to run such a nation you have to spend the whole day on it, sleep on it, wake up on it for 365 days in a year. My wives gives me immerse support, even if it takes days away from them but women will always be women, they also need their attention, emotionally, financially and mostly sexually.


President Zuma revealed that growing up he had a medical condition called Paraphilia and it is because of the medical condition that he has many wives.

“I grew up a brave but shy Zulu boy, I had a problem with women till puberty when I was diagnosed of Paraphilia – a condition that increases women appetite it creates unnecessary attraction especially from young women thats why i have many women in my life. Apart from the medical condition, it is culturally and biblically advised to have many wives,” he said.


The authenticity of the audio clip is yet to be verified.

Source: ONLINE

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