9 reasons why short girls make the ultimate girlfriends. Number 3 is the best!

Short girls really are the best!

Sure, lots of people think that tall models are the standard of beauty, but all us short girls know differently. Just because we can’t reach the top shelf in the kitchen doesn’t mean we aren’t used to overreaching a guy’s expectations.
We are that special, one-of-a-kind, sort of girl that all guys should be going after; they may just not realize it.
Here are 9 reasons why short girls make better girlfriends:
1. You will never have to worry about them towering over a guy.

While some people aren’t bothered by a big height difference, most people are. But with a short girl, neither the guy or the girl will stress about who is taller.
2. They are easier to pick up
Even if the girl doesn’t weigh much, if she is tall and lanky, it can just be awkward to try and lift her. Short girls though are easier to scoop up and hug tight. This also comes very handy in the bedroom…
3. Which means s’ex is better with them.
Since a short girl is easier to pick up, this means it is probably more likely you can maneuver her into kinky se x positions. You can easily pick her up in the shower, up off the bed, or go for it in the elevator. Sex with short girls is awesome.
4. Short girls are always going to look younger.
People will always think she is five years younger then she really is because people associate youth with height. She will probably get annoyed by this at the onset of her adult life, but she will appreciate it as she ages.
5. Girls who are short get to shop in the kid’s section.
Want to send your girl on a shopping spree? Don’t worry, because it is never going to total over 150 bucks. That is because she is small enough to fit into kids clothes. And probably shoes too because her feet will be small.

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