Cucumber leads to nasty breakup between couple


An innocent looking picture sent by one Grace Mukombwe of Maritzburg in KwaZulu Natal became the reason her boyfriend broke up with her, accusing of cheating on him with a cucumber.


The couple, who had been in a relationship for over 8 months had a heavy fight after Grace had sent her bae, Luke, the image to say goodnight. Upon close inspection, Luke saw a cucumber which suggested that Grace has been using it to satisfy herself s_exually. To make matters worse, the pair had just had s_ex an hour earlier.

Speaking to LiveMonitor, Luke said :

“We had just finished bonking and I got home and we started chatting. I asked her for a pic so I could sleep well, you know, things that lovers do.” It was when the photo was sent did Luke see his apparent ‘replacement’.

“I asked her why she had a cucumber in the room and she could not give a satisfactory answer. I was mad as hell so I ended things with her. I can’t compete with a cucumber”, said Luke.

Grace however had a different version and suggested she wanted to eat the cucumber before going to bed.

“I had the cucumber there because I wanted to eat it. Luke is just finding reasons to break up with me to avoid buying a present on the 3rd of March. I bet he will come back crawling after that. Last time he broke up with me because I blue ticked him on WhatsApp”, she said.

Source : LiveMonitor




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