10 Photos to prove that Beyonce did Plastic Surgery( Before & After 10 Photos)



Beyonce plastic surgery has long become a center of attention. Beyonce, 32, has been reported to have had several plastic surgery procedures along her career to reach the stardom.

It has been mentioned that she has had bre ast implants in early 2002. If we are comparing Beyonce’s photos from the past decade and the most recent one, it is obvious that she was having smaller bre asts with a more natural look. And the recent bre asts appear significantly bigger and rounder than before.


Although some people believe that they might be as the result of weight gain, but we think that they are more than just a weight gain, as her breasts look fake and unnaturally bigger.

Additionally, some celebrity watchers and celebrity gossip websites claim that Beyonce’s bre ast size has increased from a small B-cup to a solid D-cup.

Dr. Anthony Youn on his blog explained that Beyonce looks like to have breast implants, she looks great and not overdone. However, Miami plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Salzhauer seems unsure about Beyonce’s bre ast implants, he stated that Beyonce’s br  east appears bigger, however, it could be as the result of weight gain, push up b ra or bre ast augmentation. These days with the advanced plastic surgery and techniques, plastic surgery can give you a more natural look and hard to tell.

In addition to having br east implants, she was also rumored to have had liposuction. The photo that was taken while she was in the beach St Tropez, France reveal that she probably has a liposuction, as her stomach looks very firm. Additionally, we can see the lumpiness on her stomach which indicates that she possibly have a liposuction.

Moreover, it has been mentioned that she has had a nose job (rhinoplasty), as Beyonce nose was bigger and thicker, and the new nose seems have been narrowed. It looks more elegant and fit well in her face. Further, Beyonce’s new lips appear thinner, which make us speculate that she has also had a lip reduction as well.

Well, what do you think? Does she have plastic surgery? Please feel free to speak your mind…

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