Mission failed: Donald Trump’s Bombing raid in Syria have failed miserably. Here’s how!

Satellite images have been released that shows that US Cruise missiles fired on Thursday night have had less impact on Syrian airbase of al-Shayrat.

An official in the US defence had said that almost 58 of the 59 missiles ‘severely degraded or destroyed’ their intended targets but Russian officials claims totally different story.

Russians claim that only 23 reached the al-Shayrat military airfield and the locations of others were ‘unknown’.

ImageSat International just released pictures that show how the missiles destroyed aircraft, workshops, hangars and bunkers. US officials warned Russian military to avoid casualties and Russia being the ally of Syrian government warned Syrian troops. They evacuated their planes and soldiers from the field.

Despite this, Observers claim that al-Sharyat Air Base was ‘almost completely destroyed’ by the 1,000lb warheads in a 30-minute barrage of destruction. They claim that it had damaged 20 planes, a dozen aircraft hangars, and a fuel depot, as well as ripped up runways, storage sites and radars.

The missiles were launched from US destroyers 150 miles away in the Mediterranean Sea in response to Assad’s Sarin gas attack in Idlib on Tuesday, which killed 80 civilians, including children.

The below images shows that these were the rumbles of the Tomahawk missiles that hit the protective concrete planes that were empty:

While the aircrafts were safely parked here in an open patchy grass plain escaped the bombing raid:

This shows that Trump couldn’t even carry out a successful bombing raid.

According to SANA, Syria’s state media, Trump’s bombing raid have killed nine civilians, including four children. Even though the airbase was attacked at 3:45am local time.

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