MEN ONY:How to free yourself if you get stuck during se x


Almost every other month people are  treated to a rare drama when a married man gets stuck inside another man’s wife.

It always takes the help of a witch doctor to separate the two.-Doctors can’t help!

In reality, people getting stuck during se x is not a new phenomenon and in 2010 in the same area, another man was found stuck inside another man’s wife in a guest house.

While many people believe that getting stuck is the work of a witchdoctor, medics think otherwise.

According to, getting stuck occurs when muscles in the vag ina clamp down on the pe nis firmly making it impossible for the pe nis to withdraw from the v agina. This condition is known as pen is capti vus.


During pen is captivus, the pe nis gets engorged with more blood making it hard to stop er ecting.


The easiest way to free oneself is to get the mind away from se x. Thinking about things unrelated to s ex can allegedly help the blood flow away from the pe nis making it limp.

So, next time you hear of someone getting stuck in the act, may be the best thing is to give them the worst case scenarios of really ugly scenes which would make them relax.

Food for thought.

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