MEN!! Here are 10 Proven Signs That Show A Woman Is H’0rny And Need You In Bed


#1. She touches or plays with her hair while talking to you.


#2. She can’t keep her hands still and keeps adjusting her dress or shirt.
#3. She says the words “us” or “we” referring to you and her in the conversation.
#4. She touches you during the conversation.


#5. She asks what your plans are later
#6. She asks if you have a girlfriend. if you’re single
#7. She asks you if she “knows you from somewhere”
#8. She directly talks to you before you open up
#9. She lingers next to you for a while and keeps looking at you either blatantly or discreetly. (I remember when I was younger girls would stand next to me and make eye contact but I didn’t say anything I would just keep looking around
#10. She gives you personal answers to questions you ask or gives alot of personal information during conversation (values, reasured life experiences, etc.) when you haven’t known her for that long.
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