Painful s ex can happen for all kinds of reasons, including medical conditions like S TIs, pel vic inflammatory disease, or vag inismus. Your body might not naturally produce enough lubr ication or the cause could be psychological, like the result of anxiety issues. Or you might not have found the pos itions that work best for your bod.

If you’ve been fully checked out by a doctor, are with someone you really, really want ins ide of you, and it still hurts, here are some positions to help you deal with painful s ex.

1. The Sl ip ‘N S lide

If you’re really into it, but your vag ina didn’t get the memo: The easiest fix if you’re Sahara-dry even though the rest of you is totally on board is to add lu be. Obv. But not just a do llop of lu be, a sh it-ton of it. Get him on his knees and smear lub e up the inside of his th ighs, all over his sh aft, ba lls, and head. Smear more on your bo obs, stra ddle him and rub your slippery bo obs over his ch est. Slide onto his ju nk at your leisure, waiting ’til you’re both beyond ready. (And if you feel ready to go a little de eper, lean back on your hands and … whoa.)

2. The Ha ppy Ending
If you’re just not ready yet: If your partner tends to jump in too quickly, slow their a ss down by lighting some candles and handing them a bottle of luxe massage oil. Let yourself relax, slowly spre ading your legs as you get more into it. Gradually sli de back, bending your knees and lifting your a ss up until you’re on his lap, arms still stretched out in front of you and legs on either side of him. Place his hand on your cl it while you rock your hi ps and ri de him.

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