3. The OM My God

If you feel yourself cle nching up: Orga smic Meditation is about being present in the moment, getting in touch with your body and such, but you can also steal the OM stroking technique if it’s hard to get in the mood. Lie on your back with your legs spl ayed open. Your partner makes a C shape with their left hand, lifting the hoo d of your cli toris with their thumb while stroking the upper-lefthand part with their index finger in very, very light circles. Try it for 15 minutes and don’t worry about returning the favor or how you’re responding. This is just about you.


4. The C-Str oke
If his pen is is just too damn long: Reduce the odds of a c ervical pounding by having him lie on his side while facing him with one knee bent between you, the other flung over his back. Hold onto the base of his pe nis, reducing his insertable length while keeping his sensation of being fully inside you. You control how dee p and fast he goes, backing off immediately if something feels wrong.

5. The T ilt-a-Whi rlIf his peni s is just too da mn wide: Get flat on your belly and spr ead your legs a little wider than shoulder length. The tilted angle makes him feel amazing but never feels like you’re being impaled via gigantic pe nis. If you need to back off a little, tilt your hips down. And if you want more, more, more, tilt your bu tt up and push toward him to go deeper.

Source: Cos mopolitan.com
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