The I AM God


“At the burning bush when Moses asked God “what is your name?” God said to Moses, “I am who I am. This is what you are to say to the Israelites: I AM has sent me to you” Exodus 3:14

When the Jews challenged Jesus, “Who do you think you are?” Jesus replied I AM. The Jews knew Jesus was claiming to be the same God that Moses had met at the burning bush. They considered this blasphemy worthy of death. They picked up stones to stone him, but Jesus slipped away from the temple grounds unharmed. (John 8:54-59)

By calling Himself I AM what is God saying about himself? I am ever present and I am enough.

For me, the following poem says it best. Read it slowly and put yourself into the poem: It will give you comfort to face the challenges of each new day.

Jesus said I AM

I am the beginning of all things
the end of all things and in the middle of all things

I was present at your birth;
I will be there at the end of your years,
And through all the days in between.

I am ever present. I am not only the
God of your past and your future, but
I am also the God of your present moments.

All that I have been and will be, I am to you now.
You do not have to look at the coming year
And wonder how you will get through it
physically, emotionally, mentally or financially

I am your life, your health, your strength and your supply.
I am your source, your confidence, your victory!

Author unknown.

Read this poem several times until you grasp the comfort and wonder of always having this loving God with you who is adequate for every need you have.

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